Upcoming Events

Our flagship training in 2019 will be in Spring in Amari on Crete
Storytelling and Posttraumatic Growth – Amari/Crete 
4th-11th May 2019

Languages: English and German – Deutsch und Englisch

Intensive Seminar with 3 experts on the  Island of Crete in a mythical surrounding, strong and healing nature and Greek hospitality.
With Minka Straube, Trauma Therapist and Pedagogue,
Martin Straube, doctor of medicine, specialist for Trauma and Healing plants and
Micaela Sauber, storyteller, Social Therapist and Curative Educator.

This course is hosted by Friends of Amari and its Chair:
Stella Kassimati, storyteller and workshop facilitator.

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Further Events

German-spreaking courses:
If you are interested in German-speaking events, you can find more information on courses offered by some of our member HERE.