International Conference

Words in a Treasure Chest
Storytelling and the Challenges of Today

October 5th – 7th 2018 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

4th International Conference of Tellers without Borders (TwB) with storytellers, musicians, peace workers, medical and educational experts. For this event TwB has partnered with the association DUGA for education in Sarajevo, led by Amela Šehalić.

Once again Tellers without Borders step up to offer a new and diverse celebration of storytelling to make a difference in a world needing to stretch out and hold hands as the weather changes from moment to moment.
This year we are offering a fiesta of choices where storytellers can gather and share from the heart on what truly matters.

There will be:
Several round table discussions.
A ‘round table’ is a place where all views are included and active listening is as important as the spoken word.
Storytelling and the world of ethics: How do ethics weave responsibly within the language of ethnic diversity for both storytellers as well as peace workers. Where do we find the bridges for including others that are different from ourselves?
Storytelling in education and in particular trauma education: We will consider the often unseen and unspoken world of children in hospices, who face death on a daily basis under the care and loving gaze of their parents, staff and therapists.
Specialist topics will be hosted by specialists in the field who will present Workshops, talks and presentations in their area of expertise.
You can expect professional storytellers from all corners of the globe gracing this event with their dedication and joy.
Two joyful evenings of storytelling will set the scene for scrumptious food, music and the very best of networking between friends, colleagues and professionals.
The people of Sarajevo have their stories to tell, too, and there will be an opportunity for meeting them to be taken in the deep stories of courage, love and determination that mark their lifes.

This is:
An opportunity to build bridges and experience the inherent wellbeing of working positively with stories that reconnect and offer therapeutic wellbeing. There is a chance to learn from one another through this most ancient of arts, storytelling, where all are equal in the eyes of the heart.

Don’t miss this once in a life time opportunity!
Warmest regards from the Tellers without Borders’ Team for Sarajevo:
Amela Sehalic, Micaela Sauber, Maria Serrano, Ivanir Sibylla Hasson, Gauri Raje


From Norway: Ivanir Sibylla Hasson, storyteller.
From Spain and Finland: Maria Serrano, storyteller.
From the UK and India: Gauri Raje, storyteller, anthropologist.
From UK, Scotland: Alexander Mackenzie, storyteller, master of fine arts.
From UK: Ifor Rhys, architect and specialist for Sufi stories.
From Germany: Martin Straube, medical doctor / Micaela Sauber, storyteller / Dorothee Greve, Sufi story collector and amateur storyteller.
Invited from Croatia: Jasna Held, storyteller.
From Bosnia and Hercegovina: Dr. Gorcin Dizdar, Chair of Fondaciija Mak Dizdar for Bosnian cultural heritage / Jovan Divjak, retired Bosnian army general and awarded peace worker / Alma Karic, conductor, choirs for children and youth. Invited from Bosnia and Hercegovina: Hasija Boric, actress.

We are in contact with further artists and peace workers to be invited for our round tables and storytelling evenings.


Normal fee for the 3 day conference, including 2 dinners and coffe breaks, excluding accomodation: 220,- €
Early Bird booking untill 1st of May 2018: 180,- €
We will soon be able to offer recommandations for accommondation for a good price in the Old Town.
Please send your application with your name, country, email-address, phone number and post adress to:
You will then get all informations and our bank account. When your contribution has arrived on our bank account, your application is done and you will get a confirmation.
Any questions?
Please feel free to write to:


If you wish to get more of the extraordinary city of Sarajevo, take the opportunity to come a day earlier and book a special arrangement:
Hidden secrets of Sarajevo – a cultural guide with Micaela and her Bosnian friends.
4.-5. October 2018 (begin 4.10. 5 p.m. – ending 5.10. 2 p.m.)
With meals, music, talks and walks. Info:

Dr. Adnan Smajic, tea sommelier and owner of Franz & Sophie in Sarajevo. © Eugénie Sophie Berger Photography. All rights reserved.

Ballerina Zulejha Kečo – © Eugénie Sophie Berger Photography. All rights reserved.

At the source of River Bosna. Photo Micaela Sauber