Extra Tour after the Conference

A Trip to treasures and secrets of Bosnia and Hercegovina

Post Conference Excursion to Mostar, Blagaj and Stolac
Departure october 7th3 p.m. from Sarajevo  – arrival in Sarajevo October 9th 11 a.m.

Southwards from Sarajevo to Hercegovina the roads pass different remarkable landscapes.We shall be visiting Mostar and its famous bridge which was destroyed during the war, on 9th November 1996 and rebuilt later.“Mostar” means the Guardian of the Bridge. The original bridge was a technical masterpiece of its time when it was finished in 1566 and  a metaphor for the bridge between East and West.
We will then continue towards Blagaj where our hotel and a dinner by the riverside are waiting.
Blagaj is a famous place of pilgrimage with a “tekija” or “tekka”, a Dervish Monastry, by the source of the river Buna.Today unfortunately a touristic center, it is still amazingly beautiful.

The next morning will be dedicated to a visit to this old Sufi monastery followed by a breathtaking trip into the wild Mediterranean nature of Hercegovina.There are different magical places with historical monuments of the Bosnian heretics of the Middle Ages: the Bogumils. We will be guided by Dr. Gorcin Dizdar, chair of the Mak Dizdar Foundation and grandson of Bosnia’s most famous poet, Mak Dizdar. In the house of the  foundation „Makove Hiza“  in Stolac, lunch will be offered by local women.

Everywhere there will be stories, poetry and history to listen to.

In the evening the rushing and sparkling waters of Blagaj will be beside us while having dinner close to the Dervish Tekija.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Bosnia, its treasures and secrets!

2 nights at Hotel Ada including breakfast, 2 dinners (without drinks), lunch. A bus with driver to bring us to all these places and our guide. The final price is to be confirmed – it will be between 140-170 €, depending on the number of participants and is all inclusive as mentioned above.

If you are interested, please sign up with Micaela and confirm when the final price is announced. Applications with Micaela Sauber: mail@micaela-sauber.de