Host & Venue

Our host is Amela Šehalić and her organisation Duga. While searching for the best preschool education for her eldest son, Amela was led down a path that would change her career completely. After completing a Master’s in Economics and becoming a mother of three boys, she started to study the Waldorf educational program. With the help of her father, Amela started creating ecofriendly wooden toys, organizing workshops for children and parents that promote storytelling that has been proven to be theraputic but also a crucial part of the Waldorf pedagogy. This led her to the establishemnt of the Association for Freedom of Education – Duga, with the intent of offering alternative solutions to the challanges we face today in the educational sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The conference will take place at:
Javna Ustanova Međunarodni centar za djecu i omladinu Novo Sarajevo
Kemala Kapetanovića 17
71000 Sarajevo


Normal fee for the 3 day conference, including 3 dinners and coffee breaks, excluding accomodation: 220,- €
Early Bird booking untill 1st of May 2018: 180,- €

Participants from Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia will be offered a special price which will be sponsored by different donators.
For informations please write to Amela Sehalic of DUGA:


Sarajevo is full of good offers for accommodation. We are happy to offer special agreements with hotels for prices between 22 and 30 € a night including breakfast. In case you would like to take advantage of these agreements, please tell us so in your application.
In case you want to find your accommodation on your own, we want to recommend to chose a place close to the Old Town or close to Grbavica, the part of the city where the venue of the conference ist to be found. It is the Grbavica Youth Center. You can find even cheaper rooms with Airbnb or in Hostels.


Please send your application with your name, country, email-address, phone number and post adress to:
You will then get all informations and our bank account. When your contribution has arrived on our bank account, your application is done and you will get a confirmation.

How to travel to Sarajevo

Sarajevo has an International Airport. If you need help please tell us in your application, or ask our travel agency INFO@TICKETKONTOR.DE to book for you.They are always able to find cheap possibilities. In case you like to travel slow and see a lot: It is also possible to travel to Zagreb and take a train to Sarajevo. Or to travel to Dubrovnik and take a Bus to Sarajevo.

Any questions?

Please feel free to write to: