Over the course of the conference there will be three different presentations for everyone to join.

Saturday, 6th October, 9:45 – 11:00, a lecture on

The Chance of Postraumatic Growth

The impact of traumatic experiences to the human constitution and health: Storytelling in emergency pedagogy for children and youth with focus on dealing with trauma.
In recent years the matter of trauma caused by war and migration has engaged many therapists, psychologists, art therapists and pedagogues, and moved them to take action for people who need help in turning post traumatic stress into post traumatic growth. Storytelling encompasses a variety of possibilities and can also enable us to intensively work and share experiences with people in need.
Through an aesthetic-artistic approach, storytelling holds an integrative potential and, thanks to the healing and intercultural nature of stories, it can open hearts and facilitate a genuine dialogue. Doctor Straube and Micaela Sauber are both also engaged in manifold activities with worldwide projects of Friends of Waldorf education section and emergency pegagogy.

Held by Micaela Sauber and Martin Straube.
Micaela Sauber was born 1945 in the last days of the second world war. Micaela has been a professional storyteller since the 1990s, after theological studies, curative education and journalism. She initiated the network Tellers without Borders (international) and Erzähler ohne Grenzen (German speaking area), keeps threads together and is also the head of the board of the German legal association Erzähler ohne Grenzen e.V..  Some of her key experiences as a storyteller and teacher for storytelling were in Bosnia during and after war, Dubrovnik/Croatia after siege, Palestine/Gaza strip and Westbank, North Iraq, Libanon. During the last three years with doctors of medicine and therapists in Germany she studied about trauma, its origin and healing and connects this to her storytelling skills. As a storyteller Micaela is travelling with emergency pedagogy to countries in crisis, giving workshops about storytelling. Friends of Waldorf education who have developed effective missions in emergency and trauma pedagogy worldwide since 2006, are her main cooperation partners. She runs a course with Britta Wilmsmeier for those storytellers wishing to work with refugees called ‘Storytelling Here and Now’.
Martin Straube is a medical anthroposophic doctor(GAÄD), lecturer and consultant for medicinal, pedagogical and art topics. He offers training for pharmacists, doctors, homeopathic practitioners, midwives and works for companies, schools, kindergartens and training institutions. Recently he founded the International Institute for Emergency and Trauma GmbH.
Previous experience: School doctor for Waldorf schools, Ruhr region; lecturer at the Ita Wegman vocational college, Wuppertal; lecturer at the Institute for Homeopathy, Witten. Currently I have a practice in Hamburg and have given around 200 lectures on medical, pedagogical and art topics.
In recent years my wife and I (she more frequently than me) have travelled to conflict and crisis areas around the world to work with traumatised children.

Saturday, 6th October, 15:00 – 15:45, a book presentation of

Humbert Bear likes to doze

Alexander wrote a story and designed pictures for children in hospices. “The book is dedicated to all the children’s hospices that provide a loving and safe landing for children coming to the close of their short lives. It is in recognition of the endless love of parents and family, the great care of the staff and all the professionals that bring support, kindness and grace to all within these hospices. It is especially for the children of the hospices themselves, who bring so much colour, serenity and bright connection to all they meet on their journey.”

Created and presented by Alexander Mackenzie: He is a storyteller, and Master of Fine Arts. Areas of expertise include Spontaneous Storytelling – Biographical Storytelling – Storytelling in Business – Therapeutic/Healing Storytelling.
Experience/Education: DipEd Education (1991) Qualified Waldorf class Teacher – Founder of Unicorn School of Storytelling for adults (1992-1995 – director of Spontaneous storytelling for national Society for Storytelling (1993-1995) – Made a national Winston Churchill Fellow for research into the contemporary significance of aboriginal storytelling – Storytelling Tutor at Ruskin Mill college (1991-2008) – storytelling in Consultancy skills and change management post – Storytelling consultant to Cranfield Post Graduate Business.
Alexander lives in Edinburgh with his wife Kristine and youngest son Finbar.

Sunday, 6th October, 10:15 – 11:15, a presentation on

Teaching Stories of the Oriental Sufi Tradition

Teaching stories are found in all traditions: Vedanta, Buddhism, Zen, Hasidic, Christian but especially the Sufi tradition, in which large bodies of instructional material have been preserved and are still used. More than simply instructional or parables or folk wisdom they are far more sophisticated instruments than most people imagine. Dorothee and Ifor hope to bring a flavour of this quality for you in their short talk.

Held by
Dorothee Greve, who has been interested in fairy tales from all over the world ever since she can remember. Being taken to live in Nigeria, Thailand and the USA as a young child, She heard, saw and felt quite a bit of it. This triggered her longing to understand what is beyond the visible and strictly material. With the discovery of Sufi literature and dervish tales 17 years ago, she started to seek consciously some understanding of the more subtle and finer energies working for and on us. She regards active storytelling as an important tool in this seeking. She is a member of Tellers without Borders (international) core group.
Ifor Rhys was raised on the cliffs of Cornwall Ifor developed a natural interest in the magical and potential of magical transformation. His interest in Sufi and dervish stories began when he was about 18 following an introduction to the writing of Idries Shah. He has not looked back since and particularly looks for stories which open paths to greater understanding for us which enhance our potential and develop perception and understanding. He is a member of Tellers without Borders (international) core group.