Extra Tour before the Conference

Hidden secrets of Sarajevo – a cultural guide with Micaela and her local friends.

Sarajevo Old Town

If you wish to get more of the extraordinary city of Sarajevo, take the opportunity to come a day earlier and book a special arrangement:

See, smell and feel Sarajevo and meet its people before the conference Words in a Treasure Chest. A guided tour with Micaela and her local friends.
The tour is split in two parts: We will meet at start at 5 p.m. on Thursday October 4th and be together until about 10 p.m. On Friday October 5th we will meet at 8.30 a.m. and end our tour at around 2 p.m.
The two-day tour costs 68€. The price includes transport, coffee, tea and dinner (without drinks) and is to be paid cash at the beginning of the tour.
Application and Information: mail@micaela-sauber.de

Our meeting point is in the middle of the Old Town of Sarajevo, the famous Bascarsija. We will meet by the well-known Sebilj Fountain at 17.00.
If you are staying at Hotel Alem you can meet Micaela at the reception at 16.40 and walk with her.
To start with, Almir will receive us in his Comics’ shop and tell us something about his hometown Sarajevo.
Orient and Occident have a rendezvous in Sarajevo!
After that we will walk through the old town, enjoying with its many little shops and the smell of spices, coffee and good food.
The Muezzin will be heard from the eldest mosques in the city and we will walk by different churches and also the Latin bridge, the bridge where the Austrian crown prince Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were murdered. The gunshots that were said to change history triggering WW1.
On Thursday evening our walk will end at a nice local restaurant where we have dinner together, enjoying good Bosnian food and drinks.
The following morning on October 5th, we will leave Hotel Alem at 8.30 for a tour to some more remarkable places in Sarajevo, guided by Micaela and her friends. We will drink from the source of the river Bosna and round off with a visit to Adnan’s Tea House „Franz&Sophie“. At around 2 p.m. we will be back in town where you will have free time until the beginning of the conference.


Dr. Adnan Smajic, tea sommelier and owner of Franz & Sophie in Sarajevo. © Eugénie Sophie Berger Photography. All rights reserved.

Ballerina Zulejha Kečo – © Eugénie Sophie Berger Photography. All rights reserved.

At the source of River Bosna. Photo Micaela Sauber