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A legal association for Tellers without Borders/Erzähler ohne Grenzen is actually based in Hamburg/Germany. There are no regional groups yet. Since it is a European initiative it takes more time to build a community and regional groups than a local initiative. Once a year an international meeting is held, mostly in January. This has an open part with workshops, storytelling and lectures and the annual conference of the core group.
Please send questions and application for membership to the core group of Tellers without Borders.

Next annual meeting : 5.-7. October 2018
in Sarajevo, Bosnia
(open, with workshops). 
8.-9. Oct 18 core group meeting.

Adress: Erzähler ohne Grenzen e.V. (Tellers without Borders) VR23248 Hamburg
IBAN: DE93 4306 0967 2070 1875 00 BIC/SWIFT: GENODEM1GLS

Vogt- Kölln-Str. 155, D 22527 Hamburg, Germany,


Micaela Sauber
Vogt Kölln-Str. 155 | 22527 Hamburg
Tel./Fax. 0049 (0)40 / 4 10 47 13
Mobil 0049 (0)171 / 8 50 68 63
Skype: storymica